Pig or Plastic?

The modern jig has evolved a great deal since it was first fashioned many years ago.  The improvement from the original is nothing short of phenomenal.  And, probably as an afterthought, an angler somewhere added some material, maybe a skin of an animal or a piece of cloth, intended to give the jig a little more action. In the mid 1920’s a company called Uncle Josh Bait Company was founded which produced a “frog” made … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Service

The modern day sporting goods box stores present themselves as the mecca for all sportsmen and anglers.  And if you know what you want and go there and buy it you won’t run in to any problems. But ask a simple question and one usually gets an “I just started and I don’t know” or “This is my night job.”  Anyone visiting a certain establishment on East Bennett knows that this is definitely not the … Continue reading

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Fishermen’s Gadgets

Fishermen need a lot of “gadgets” when they go fishing.  Scales, stringers, nets and the like are somewhat necessary but one of the most important “gadgets” is a good pair of pliers.  Why they’re called a pair, well, that’s another story… Anyway, good pliers are usually constructed of stainless steel which is strong and won’t discolor or rust easily.  That’s a great advantage in itself, but the drawback is that they’re heavy and expensive.  The … Continue reading

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Size Does Matter

An old adage states “to catch big fish, use a big hook” and there is some merit to this. A small hook, used in a large plastic worm, may not penetrate through the plastic far enough to hook the fish securely. However, a hook that is too big may alter the baits action and damage the bait, making it difficult to stay rigged properly. Today’s plastic bass baits come in sizes that range from 2” … Continue reading

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Fall Crankbait Tactics

Every fall, especially on the Midwestern highland lakes like Table Rock and Bull Shoals, when the water temperatures drop below the 60 degree mark it seems that a light goes off in Mr. Bass’s head and they suddenly decide to exclusively bite medium sized crankbaits that run in the 4 to 10 foot range. The bass will shun almost every other type of lure, but will bite the cranks very consistently until the water temperatures … Continue reading

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Slow Rollin’ to Success

Slow rolling spinnerbaits is a tried and true method that has produced big catches of bass over the years. However, the technique has taken a backseat to the newer methods and I see very few anglers fishing this way. Here are some key points on how to master it. Slow rolling will work all year round, but I have found that late fall and winter are the best times to fish this way. In the … Continue reading

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Late Fall Spoonin’

A favorite late fall tactic is to look for schools of shad that are moving out of the cooler waters that are over taking the backs of the creeks. This annual migration can ensure finding reliable numbers of bass.  As the shad move so do most of the bass and a lot of anglers find them again by using their electronics. The new Humminbird Side Imaging makes it very easy to idle over long coves … Continue reading

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Crankbaiting Soft Plastics? What???

A new technique is receiving a lot of unwanted attention by those who have quietly been reaping its rewards in many tournament circuits throughout the country. The technique is fairly simple: take your favorite plastic bait, and instead of working it slowly along the bottom, keep the bait bouncing along the bottom much like a crankbait. Simple, yes, but as with any technique, there are secrets to success! In some cases, the slip sinker could … Continue reading

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Slow Down for Success!

Fall weather typically ushers in colder air temperatures, and shorter daylight time causes the warm summer water to cool off. This will usually generate a feeding frenzy in our lakes, as the fish sense that winter time is just around the corner. Sometimes this creates confusion among bass anglers, since fish are relating to slower retrieves, yet anglers tend to seek the fastest gear ratios available and use them year round. However, bass that are … Continue reading

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Catch More Fish with a Curly Tailed Grub

Today’s sporting goods stores feature aisle after aisle of racks that nearly touch the ceiling with every kind of lure or bait imaginable. It has been said that attractive baits catch more fishermen than they catch fish! Seriously, choosing the right bait or lure can be a challenge, especially for the novice or beginning angler. However, there are some baits that can narrow the angler’s choices down somewhat and still allow a good chance of … Continue reading

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